Michael, sydney.

Michael came to me after 10 years of chronic eczema on his feet – it caused itchiness and he’s skin would often crack and be very sore. After 5 months on Eczema diet and herbal medicine he is now eczema free. Here’s what he had to say:

“…thank you so much for your knowledge, patience, humour and determined curiosity, it’s been a wonderful end to a long-standing problem for me. I’d recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat”.

Fatigue & Weight loss:

Angela, Mother of two.

“My main problem I had before I started working with Anna-Maria  was constant tiredness. The problem that I found being tired was I was always wanting to have a sleep during the day, lack of motivation and generally just not my happy self, our sex life was also suffering.

The final straw for me  was when I knew I was not coping with the everyday chores and just not wanting to be there for the family and not caring about myself.

I started to feel the results after 2 weeks with the tonic that I was given. I had more energy and very happy to do the home chores without the boredom and sex was becoming part of our life again (yeh)!!!!

I am now feeling more and more energized, my diet has improved, my weight is dropping and  I have more confidence and I am enjoying and embracing my life with my husband and family and of course my friends. I now have the feeling that I can handle  stressful situations without myself going into a complete meltdown, sex life is improving, having two teenagers in the house is challenging but coping with them very well.  I am calmer and more relaxed than what I have been for a very long time.”

Rosacae, Fatigue:

Marie, Mother of two.

What problems did you have before you started working with me? 
“Main complaint – rosacea, also hypothyroidism, fatigue, wanting to address diet for breastfeeding / general wellbeing”

How were these problems impacting your life ? 
“Bright red cheeks and volatile energy levels, making me anxious, stressed, irrational, self conscious.”

Describe the turning point or ‘final straw’ that inspired you to get support? 
“Seeing you giving a speech for local mums on baby’s introduction to solids. But also my baby reaching 3-4 months and deciding it was time to sort out some of my health issues.”

How soon did you start seeing results? What were your first results? 
“Within 3 -4 days. Clear skin and improved energy levels.”

How do you feel after more time has passed? Describe your longer-term results. 
“Generally better due to sustainable changes in diet. Requires long term commitment and dedication to improved diet and lifestyle. I feel supported by Anna-Maria, whose approach is nurturing and caring, working together towards my objectives of sustainable changes to improve my skin.”

How else has your life been impacted because of these results? 
“Being happy to be in family photos at Christmas time for the first time in many years! Not being extremely self conscious about my skin. Thanks Anna Maria.”

IBS & Kidney disease:

Dean, Sydney:

“Before seeing Anna-Maria I had been suffering for 15+ years (I’m 32) with a pretty fragile digestive system that meant I was often (fortnightly) very uncomfortable for 1-3 days with diarrhea and bloating, sometimes for seemingly no apparent reason. I’d had a range of tests done for food allergies and medical conditions (e.g. Crohn’s disease, Coeliac disease) but none indicated there was anything ‘wrong’. I was baffled by my digestion and what I could do fix it and I reluctantly avoided a wide range of foods or accepted the consequences that would follow if I indulged. In addition, I was loosely following doctor’s instructions regarding my protein intake following a 2008 kidney disease diagnosis, and I was also taking a variety of vitamin supplements (e.g. mutlivitamins, C, Zinc, B, Fish Oil) without knowing if they were necessary, worth the money, or actually having a positive effect.

I wasn’t sure what Anna-Maria could do to help, but I thought that a new opinion on my digestion, as well as a handful of recommendations for improving my general nutrition and health, was certainly worth a visit.

Treating my digestive symptoms was the first priority and after only 2 weeks on Anna-Maria’s recommended modified diet I was experiencing a remarkable improvement. I’ll admit that the diet wasn’t easy, but thankfully it was only ~5 weeks and my resulting “healed and sealed” gut is now more robust than I can ever remember! In the months that have since passed I haven’t been experiencing anything like the post-meal bloating and discomfort that had become ‘normal’, nor am I anxiously wondering if a meal or a handful of beers will send me to the bathroom with diarrhea over the next few days. Not only have Anna-Maria’s recommendations drastically improved my digestion and how freely I can enjoy a wider range of foods, but I’m now much more informed about the foods and nutrients I consume and in general I now make better food decisions for every meal of my day.

I’ve been really impressed by the breadth of issues that Anna-Maria has been able to help me with: we’ve solved the gut problem, we’ve reduced my stereotypical Aussie male aversion to fruit and veg with some of her truly tasty recipes, I’m more responsible with my kidney disease and I’ve also learned how to manage my sleep and stress to more effectively complement my nutrition. Anna-Maria has also improved my supplement intake by reducing the number of supplements I’m taking but making sure I get the best of what I need!

After a handful of sessions I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge that I can use to keep my nutrition on track for years to come – thank you Anna-Maria!

p.s. I recommended that my girlfriend see Anna-Maria too and I can happily say that she is just as impressed with her experience”

 A sweet thank you from a dear client and colleague:

Lisa Mains, Massage & physiotherapist, Eastern suburbs.

Thanks again for your consults, you are fantastic! Your clients are very lucky to have found you!


Business testimonial BresicWhiteny Estate Agents: 

“I engaged Anna Maria Boelskov for a presentation on nutrition to my staff of sixty persons. The talk was focused mainly on stress management and anti aging techniques.
With the knowledge my staff gained they found inspiration to improve not only on their health and fitness, but to cope better with their work schedule and manage their stress in a positive and effective manner.

I would highly recommend Anna Maria’s presentation on Nutrition and stress management as I know my team not only appreciated, but also benefited greatly from it, and yours will too”

-Ivan Bresic, Director & Auctioneer. BresicWhitney Estate Agents.