Women’s Natural Flow – How To Fix It

ovulation-womens-natural-flowA lot of women go on the pill or other medical birth control at a young age due to irregular, heavy, or uncomfortable periods, and of course to avoid falling pregnant. It is considered normal and very convenient, and it very often ‘fixes’ (simply masking the symptoms and not addressing the real cause) all the symptoms just mentioned. Years go by and eventually women start to think about the idea of wanting babies, ovulation, or ponder on the effects of being on the pill for so long, often 10+ years. But most medical advice will say it is perfectly safe, and recommend women come off it when they want to start a family.

The thing about this over simplification of taking the pill, ‘fixing’ menstrual problems, preventing pregnancies, and never thinking twice about it is that it’s not a great idea for women’s health! Many women accept the side effects of the pill (moodiness, weight gain, mild or no periods, depression, to just mention a few) because it’s considered normal, and it’s perhaps easier to deal with these side effects than dealing with the real problems they have during their periods. I understand the attraction of birth control, but I have seen too many problems with them, and I have to say that not addressing the underlying problem with a woman’s cycle in the first place is very often going to have a negative ripple effect in the long run, and in several areas of a woman’s health.

The problem often is that initially hormones are not regulated and cause unpleasant period symptoms. If dealt with correctly it is absolutely possible to help the body self-regulate and have a natural healthy period for years to come. A natural period is very important for a woman’s long-term health. Going on the pill can have negative effects on liver function, natural endocrine function, mental health, and fertility when wanting to conceive down the road. I see many women who go on a cleansing journey with me to help get a healthy period again, with real bleeding and ovulation, to either get pregnant or to establish good physical and mental health again. Women frequently report that they feel ‘normal’ again and not so moody and emotional any more, (something they think is just how they are), until they discover what really their true self is as their real hormones work their magic.

I have for years been advising women to get to know their body, take their temperature daily, know their cyclic mucus production etc.; something most women get a bit squeamish about. However, once women really know what is going on in their body, they can be so much more in tune with their womanly natural monthly cycle and ovulation. It’s magical!

So, the great solution has finally arrived. To me this is pretty groundbreaking as I can now offer a simplified way to help you become familiar with your mysterious and magical body. I recently found out about a device called ‘Daysy’, a modernised version of the simplest and best technique to get to know your cycle. Daysy is a handy little thermometer that tells you where you are in your monthly cycle; are you ovulating? Are you about to get your period? Daysy will tell you with a little colour code. Daysy links to an app on your phone and tracks everything for you. Your details can be uploaded and emailed to me, and I will have the exact details stored in your file. I love this! Instead of guessing or estimating the days of ovulation, or how long your luteal phase is, it is now possible to have it neatly tracked and stored securely. All you have to do is take your temperature with Daysy for 60 seconds daily.

This is really great for almost all women. It is for the young teenager who is just having her first few periods and for her to learn more about her ovulation and cycle. She will have better awareness and understanding of her body, and can get easy help to address any irregularity, pains, or acne by a holistic health professional. It is great for the woman who has just had a baby and is still breastfeeding. She can start the Daysy 6 weeks postpartum, and will have 99.3% accuracy about any spontaneous ovulation, and in time resume a healthy period as she tapers off breastfeeding. It is for all women who want a healthy, natural menstrual cycle, and who want to understand their body and be assured of long-term hormonal and mental health.

I cannot recommend this enough. I see so many women struggle with depression, fertility, chronic illness, and sluggish detoxification due to years of medical birth control use.

Do you worry about your birth control, and are you worried about coming off it?

Is your period painful, uncomfortable, super heavy or almost non-existent?

Do you not feel any ovulation signs?

Have you never had a real period?

Do you get monthly breakouts, mood swings and cramping?

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS or Endometriosis?

– let these symptoms be a sign that something is not right. It is important to know what is happening monthly for you and then address the symptoms by scoping out the underlying cause. Once this is addressed you too can have a healthy, functional and uneventful period. The effects of healthy happy hormones are often life changing for women. And to not mess with the long term side effects of artificial hormones or uterine devices can be a life saver.

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Still at a loss about your period and not sure how to really address your lady problems – get in touch with me and I will help you find a healthy way back on track.

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About the Author
Hi, I’m Anna-Maria Boelskov, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Birth Doula, Yoga instructor, Podcaster and Mother to three amazing girls. I specialise in Women's health - Pregnancy, Births, post pregnancy health and last but not least Children's health. I believe in using food as medicine and when things have gone awry Herbal medicine is my first choice to help restore balance in the body.