My personal story

I have a passion for women’s and children’s health and for providing the best information and support they need to go through life.

Here’s a little insight to my journey with body image & health so you know why I am so passionate about helping you!

I used to struggle with fluctuating weight: 5–7 kg would come and go, on an almost monthly basis. I was so frustrated and my mood would swing along with my kilos. It was a pain for me to never have a steady weight and having to dislike, almost hate myself (esp. my love handles) every few weeks. The hard thing was that I didn’t know why this was happening and how to fix it, but that was only until in learned what natural medicine was and realised that I had all the tools within me to get healthy and feel great!

I looked for answers everywhere and there were always a new wonder food or protein powder that promised me fast results and slim hips. I tried them all, I skipped meals, I changed my diet all the time  – low carb, low fat, low protein, wonder powder, shakes, fancy food substitute ‘health’ bars,  high caffeine and so on, always hoping for the cure to feel good about myself and WITHIN myself. I NEVER got results that would be long term or sustainable for my health – they were all quick fixes and often resulted in feeling hungry, unsatisfied, exhausted and moody. It was 7 years of agony and low self-esteem! Then, of course, I was diagnosed with PCOs (polycystic ovarian syndrome) as my insulin levels had started to sky-rocket.

My turning point was when I took time out (from modelling) to become a yoga instructor. I paused my life as I had hit the wall; I was tired, always unsatisfied, ungrateful and insecure because nothing was, as I wanted it to be, in regards to my self-image.

When I took the time to look inwards and got the tools to learn to listen to my body, it was so clear to me. The answer was to let go of the target image of an ideal weight – an ideal me. Once I stopped, began to breathe, move, stretch and strengthen my body, it was easy to hear the signals it was sending.

It was asking for food, REAL WHOLESOME food. It was run down, starved, hormonally confused and out of balance. That explained my irregular periods, fluid retention, mood swings, bloating, constipation and pimples.

 Once I learned about my body from a Vedic perspective and started to reconnect by doing yoga, my path was clear… I wanted to know more about food, as I had seen and experienced how important it is to the body. I went on to study Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Thank God I did! It was here finally that I learnt what my body needed to be healthy inside and out. I’m happy to say that my health has improved dramatically for the better and my weight has not wavered once since (apart from pregnancy, of course).

I was, and still am, amazed by how simple it is to please and nourish the body. By implementing a diet that was regular, consisting of real food, natural fat’s and proteins I very quickly found a healthy comfortable me and not surprisingly my mood settled down and my periods became a regular monthly occurrence.

I now know that with a fluctuating weight and with excess fat there are excess hormones and that will cause a scattered brain and mood swings.  I have seen the benefits not only in kilos but also, my periods, my digestion, my skin, my sleep and my general physical and mental well-being – why? Because my body now gets nourishment that it can use to do all of its very complex things and keep me happy and healthy.

I am so grateful that I found my way to a healthier me and to have this invaluable knowledge not just as a professional but it meant that when I’ve fallen pregnant I have had an uncomplicated 9 months and I only gained 12.5 kg’s for the entire time, during all 3 pregnancies. My baby girls were healthy and perfect and my body returned to its ideal weight within the first 4 months. Even I didn’t expect that. I’m now pregnant with my third baby, and again I’m feeling very happy, healthy and grateful to be able to care for myself and my growing baby.

I know the struggle it is to constantly be fighting those extra kilos. I know how confusing the media makes it and how hard it is to get real and honest answers that actually work and continue to work. That is why I pride myself on helping women and mothers find the right solutions, so they can feel happy and be healthy on a cellular level, not just for a few months, but for life! Despite the bumpy ride it has been a journey that had taken me to a place that I so appreciative of. I absolutely love my job as a nutritionist, doula and yoga teacher and I know how lucky I am to have two healthy children and a 3rd on its way.

You can contact me here and make an appointment here! I look forward to helping you!