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Podcast 008 | How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

I have Helena Mooney back on the podcast to talk about toddler tantrums and how aware parenting techniques can help us build a stronger connection with our child and support them in their developmental expression. We discuss tips and ideas on how to act during a tantrum, reasons why they appear and how you can predict them, as well as why children get tantrums and how it’s good for their development. These core steps help us be more empathic with our own needs and feelings when parenting is challenging but it also helps us support our child and leads the way for easier parenting, stronger connections and fewer tantrums. 

Podcast 007 | Improve Your Family’s Life With Ethical Meat: Here’s How and Why

This episode dives into the facts of meat consumption and how to be health conscious and looking after the environment at the same time. Joel Hughton (Kingsmore Meats) takes us through the facts and shares his personal journey of fatherhood and being an ethical butcher.  In this conversation we discuss the cost of meat products, the facts of ethical farming and why grass fed and grass finished meat matters.

Podcast 006 | A Good Night's Sleep For You and Your Baby

This week's guest on Mumspire is Dr. Sujay Kansagra, the director of Duke University’s Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program and author of the book “My Child Won’t Sleep.” Together we discuss and dive into the differences between co-sleeping and sleep training and dispel some myths that could be holding you from helping your baby sleeping soundly. There is not just one method to get you and your child sleep well at night but several. Our mission is simple - to help kids (and parents) get a good night’s sleep and Dr. Sujay has some brilliant insight and wisdom to share in this episode.

Podcast 005 | A Conversation With Anne Geddes About Motherhood And The Magical Journey Of Our Babies

World renowned Australian photographer Anne Geddes gives us an insight into her personal journey of motherhood and the passion behind her remarkable work with babies and families. Anne shares her wisdom on why we must honour the miracle that our individual journeys are into motherhood and why we need to share our stories and celebrate our babies.

Podcast 004 | Know What To Do When Your Child Is Sick

Emotions and stress can take its toll when our children get sick, especially if it happens often. Understand why some common mistakes that most parents do often, is not helping your child, and learn what really does help your child. The mentioned online course Boost My Bub is available here

Podcast 003 | Aware Parenting For New Mums

A conversation with Helena Mooney - aware parenting instructor, on how to connect and be present with our babies. Helena shares her wisdom on dealing with crying babies and understanding their needs whilst being gentle on with ourselves.

Podcast 002 | Resilience

The fundamentals of naturopathic medicine in supporting mums to feel more resilient nourished and building health whilst juggling life and motherhood. Looking after your diet, your health and your emotions are essential to feeling happier and healthier as a mum.

Podcast 001 | Reclaiming Motherhood as the Goddess You Really Are

A conversation with Nadine Richardson, the creator of She Births®. About becoming a mother, breaking down the taboos and misinformation to inspire women to love and heal themselves through birth and parenthood.

Podcast 000 | Welcome Introduction

Get to know who I am and why I have started my podcast.

Mumspire is a podcast for women and mothers who are looking for simple ways to improve physical and emotional health, family dynamics, lifestyle and get relevant nutritional information for women's and children's health. Hosted by nutritionist, herbalist and doula Anna-Maria Boelskov. Episodes offer supportive and educational information with the mission to empower women to feel happier and healthier.