Grow a healthy baby and a strong you – nutrition for pregnancy and beyond

Grow a healthy baby and a strong you - nutrition for pregnancy and beyondIs it important to you to know that you are eating the right food during pregnancy to feel great and give your baby all that is needed to be strong and healthy?

Let me show you how you easily can make simple changes that will take you and your baby's health to the next level. It is the only live event of this kind!

You will learn what to eat for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum, particularly aimed at teaching you the key to support optimal health for your baby and setting up his or her best possible blueprint for longterm health. You will also be armed with the best possible information to aid you in successful breastfeeding.

This will offer you all the wisdom you need to embrace a beautiful pregnancy and start to motherhood. It is not about controlling food or being restrictive - it is about knowing what your body needs in this special time to nourish both you and your baby.

Here's a brief breakdown of what the evening will hold for you:

  • Learn what to eat to be healthy and strong during pregnancy
  • Understand why building your baby's microbiome is essential for your baby's long-term health (and what it is)
  • Discover how to minimize allergies in your baby
  • Tried and tested labour foods to keep you going for as long as it takes to birth your baby your way
  • The 4th trimester - learn what it is and why it is the key to bond with your baby
  • How to eat right for a smooth recovery and improved energy
  • How to have a good start to breastfeeding and why preparing is key
  • My supercharged nutrition support plan for emergencies
  • There will be allocated time for Q&A so you can leave with all your questions answered!

You will learn the intricate details of how your food is impacting your baby from the early days in your womb.

The general scattered information available for women in pregnancy is often more confusing than helpful - This evening will clear up all your questions and help you feel confident about your journey ahead.

This event is for women currently expecting a baby and you can do this at any stage of your pregnancy journey.


The Well is brand new health emporium in Bondi Beach with a healthy and nutritious cafe and has your needs covered when it comes to health and wellbeing. We welcome you to have an early dinner at The Well Cafe. Speak to our friendly staff about the facilities and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes as you please.

We look forward to seeing you!

"A mothers health and wisdom during pregnancy will sprinkle the magical stardust it takes to build a resilient baby in the womb."