There’s no doubt that nutrition and herbal medicine is on the top of my list of ‘awesomeness’. The transformation I personally experienced once I stated to ask questions about my health and the food I was eating is nothing short of awesome, and it really rocked the ground I stood on once I began my studies – in many ways I’d say my life changed forever!

Since being in practice I have seen so many of my patients come in with acute and chronic conditions and the reward is indescribable when I see their lives transform. To be part of their health journey and facilitate my knowledge to them, gives me such excitement and joy – I’m reminded daily of why I do what I do, and I think it’s pretty amazing. I am forever grateful that I ended up here, as a naturopath.

So, I’m sure you agree that strawberries are yummy but strawberries AND cream are deeelish’, well it’s the same in the health industry. When it comes to your health, probably the most important element in your life, a team of many caring experts is the best gift you could give yourself.

That is way I have surrounded myself with a solid foundation of extraordinary health practitioners to ensure I can create a platform of growth, health and support for my patients. Because one cannot do it all…and just like strawberries and cream – these health experts makes life a little bit better when we work together.

– I happily introduce you – my extended go-to of health and wellness people with whom I regular work and refer with:

  • Acupuncture: The amazing acupuncture goddesses at Red Tent Health Centre, Rebecca & Naomi
  • GP: Dr Shane Woods is a wonderful and caring GP with an easygoing attitude and willingness to assist in naturopathic care and testing!
  • Birthing course and education: SheBirths and Nadine Richardson an absolutely must for pregnant women and their birthing partner.
  • Vedic Meditation: The ground shaking team at 1Giantmind has an online intro to Vedic meditation can direct you to a teacher near you. Gary Garrow and Jonni Pollard are Master teachers and I could not recommend them highly enough.
  • Osteopathy: Morgan knows bodies and she treat them so perfectly.Valerie is a gentle and intuitive osteopath with a great passion for paediatric osteopathy.
  • Chiropractor: Vibeke at Body balance  and David in Dover Heights.
  • Pregnancy Massage: my favourite place to go for a soothing massage with and without a baby bump Yummy Mummy Spa and Sar Friedman is a beautiful holistic therapist with a range of massage skills.
  • Butcher (Sydney Only): The family & team at Kingsmore
  • Sustainable and chemical free produce: OooobyLettuce Deliver & Bondi Food Collective