Boost My Bub

A course on how to boost a child’s immune system naturally and safely

for parents with children aged 1 - 10 years old. 

AM_Boost_PromoIn this course, I have gathered my top favourite ways to support children when they are immune compromised. These are tools that I have used for years in my clinic and with my own kids at home. I know that when we focus on early management and prevention using natural and holistic approaches we help the immune fend off pathogens faster and can reduce the severity of the infections.

It is all about improving your child’s natural immune defence, strengthening it from within and feeling confident as parents in helping our child feel better.

You will learn:

  • How to recognise the earliest signs of infection - and how to take action!
  • Natural ways to fight acute and chronic infections
  • How to manage a fever - and not panic!
  • How to make natural home remedies from your kitchen cupboard
  • Why relying on panadol and antibiotics is not always the best way to support long-term health
  • How to avoid frequent sick days
  • What foods to avoid and which foods to give
  • How you can continue to build your child’s natural immune defence naturally

My aim is for you as a parent to be empowered to take action at home and see your child bounce back faster. You might be surprised by how many ways natural medicine and home remedies can ease fevers, soothe coughs and at the same time make them more resilient for the next bout of pathogen exposure that is bound to happen. It works, and I am here to show you how!

What the talk will cover:

Cold and flus'



Food's to avoid and food's focus on

Urinary tract infections


Tummy problems 

Ear infections

Head lice


Sore throat

Understand recurrent infections and how to stop them from happening again.

Basic knowledge of the gut/immune relationship 

...and more

How does the course work? As soon as you purchase the course you will get an email sent to your nominated email address with the course e-Book and the recording. I will then follow up with you in a few days to offer you some Q&A time. I am always available for questions once you have purchased the course. Although it is all available online, I want to make sure you can ask real-time questions and feel supported by me! 


Please note!: This course is not intended as a First Aid or Medical/Pharmaceutical course. Boost my Bub is a program for parents wanting to use tried and tested natural remedies, supplements and herbs and holistic approaches to support and strengthen your child's immune function. Remember to always seek further advice if you are unsure about our child's wellbeing.