Bone Broth Recipe

bone broth recipeThis is my go-to bone broth recipe. I use chicken broth to take meals to the ‘next level’ both nutritionally and for improved taste. You can use any types of bones for a bone broth, (chicken, lamb, beef) but my favourite is chicken broth – a food essential!

Here’s how you can use broth every day to boost your health and your cooking skills.

Use broth to:

  • Cook your rice, pasta or potatoes in broth instead of water
  • As the base of any soup or stew
  • To coat any pasta dish (especially fussy kids who live on white pasta).
  • As a warm cuppa with miso paste

The broth must be made from an organic or higher welfare chicken carcass. Great to make after a roast chicken dinner, keep the bones for broth brewing.

The Bone Broth Recipe


Place bones in a crock-pot or soup pot.

Add vegetables or vegetable scraps, as they are available. Celery carrots onion (You can use anything you have in the fridge: onions, carrots, garlic, potato, parsnips, and celery.)

Cover bones and vegetables with water: Set water level about one-inch above the bones.

Add two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar.

Cover the pot and set on low (crock pot) or simmer (stove top).

Keep the lid slightly ajar as the broth warms up to avoid boiling. (Or don’t worry about it, but do make sure your liquid does not boil out or you will be left wit burned bones.)

Strain the broth about 12-24 hours later (Ideally – try to keep it to a minimum of 6 hours at least).


When can I start giving bone broth to my baby?

At around 6-8 months. Chicken soup and bone broths are fantastic as a base for your purees. After around 8 months you, can even offer it on it’s own as a lukewarm drink. I suggest making you own as per the bone broth recipe above and freezing them in an ice-cube tray, handy serve size for each meal. Read the full guide to your baby’s first foods here.

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