How to get rid of sugar cravings FAST!


photo-1468293865354-622d43e66649Sugar cravings, we all know them! However they do not have to be an everyday thing, it is freeing when you get rid of them, and great for the waistline. Every time there’s a public holiday (Easter, Christmas, New Years etc) or big social events (weddings and birthdays) or a wave of stress or sleep deprivation (YES, I am talking to you mommies out there!) it is a sure gateway for old habits to re-enter. I was just reminded of this over the Easter long weekend, so I want to share my tips on how to combat those cravings:

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IBS – painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing

annamarianutritionist_IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome, aka Spastic bowel (perhaps a more visual and appropriate term) is a condition that can be severely debilitating. If you suffer from this or know someone who does you will know that it alters people’s lives. Going out for dinner and drinks or a weekend trip to the country is not on a person’s agenda if they suffer from IBS! You probably don’t hear many GP’s mention IBS, but more and more medical practitioners are slowly starting to recognise this condition and realising the benefits natural medicine has for people with IBS. There are no cure or treatment in the medical world, but natural medicine has great success supporting IBS patients – and it’s a wonderful thing when the medical profession works hand-in-hand with the natural medicine profession, then great things happen in the health industry!

Here a patient of mine shares her story of combating IBS with nutrition and herbal medicine and how she is thriving today, symptom-free.

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Dry Skin Brushing

skinbrushThis is my favorite tool, for beautiful skin and a healthier body. Great to start this in spring, so you feel ready to hit the beach with confidence, but more importantly worth doing all year round for its health benefits.I often recommend dry skin brushing to my patients, as a very easy and helpful tool to support the body’s natural detoxification process.

Dry skin brushing manually support your lymphatic system in removing toxins for elimination and help exfoliate your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and many toxins are cleansed through the skin every day. If the body is unable to release toxins through the skin and the lymphatic system we can get rashes, acne, hives, itchy skin and even eczema and psoriasis… Here’s how to do it correctly

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Natural way to boost your Kid’s immune health

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Kids immune function is really being put to the test at the moment! I don’t know about you, but I have seen so many lingering coughs, colds and phlegmy infections not only in clinic, but also in daycare and on the playground. It took a while, but eventually it got to my little girl too. First it was just a cold, hard to avoid really – so I let her immune ride it out and gave her diet a little extra ‘oomph’ to encourage her immune system to fight it.. and it worked well.. for a while. Between daycare and fluctuating temperatures it came back TWICE. In the end it stayed and turned into a phlegmy cough.

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Iodine, what’s the big deal?

photo-1442706722731-7284acc0a2d7Iodine is a very essential nutrient, and we just can’t ignore that fact that so many of us are struggling with deficiency and low-range levels, and we may not be aware of it. It’s a nutrient that is pretty important whether you are a man, woman, child, pregnant or going through menopause. It affects us all, and with this blog post I’m am going to tell you why and what you can do about it.

Ok, as a first off  – let’s find out what this nutrient is. Iodine is a mineral, and we only require it in trace amounts – ironic that it’s still something we struggle to get enough off. Iodine goes hand in hand with our Thyroid function – consider Iodine to be your thyroid’s fuel, just like oil is vital for your car.  Iodine is needed for development and growth; hence there is a lot of  focus on iodine for children and pregnancy women. It doesn’t end there, it’s absolutely critical for our adrenal glands, ovaries, breast tissue and the prostate. In short it’s THE nutrient for our endocrine system.

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Nutritious New Year, with a side of consciousness

photo-1456313662881-afa112263c32It’s no news to any of us that healthy diets and fancy super foods are a red-hot trend and probably will be for a while yet. As we have gone so far down an extreme path in regards to health, I think that there will be a counter move to bring us back on the right path again. The path of simplicity. Even in the world of health and nutrition we have some ’uber’ extremists and those of us who try so hard to be good to our bodies can sometimes feel as though it’s impossible to reach a healthy day-to-day balance.

For one, it can be difficult to buy only organic produce, and these super food powders and juices are really outrageously pricy and there’s always new and amazing super food we must, must have. My oh my, it’s both expensive and difficult to achieve full health these days! But we love this stuff, we love reading about the newest health trends and latest “exotic plant-based, protein-rich elixir”.

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Soul-warming summer days have arrived, and it’s time to shed the layers. I’ve taken the opportunity to bring out my summer dresses and although it’s still a bit early, I do look forward to leaving the jacket and jeans at home.

Hopefully you have been enjoying a winter of stews, soups and broths, as I have been preaching about the boundless goodness in these nourishing foods thoughout winter. Now as the temperatures rise, the warming foods aren’t as appealing, right? So, what to do now? Well, I have some good ideas on how to incorporate the essential gut and immune support that I have been encouraging though the winter months, because for some of us work still needs to be done for those ongoing allergies, IBS symptoms and  – yes – there is still plenty of mucus and many runny noses. Read more…

It is expensive to be healthy, right!?

photo-1452948491233-ad8a1ed01085I know when I tell my patients to eat a more nourishing diet it will initially require more planning and it can feel like it’s more expensive. Especially when I ask them to get the grass fed meat vs. the grain fed, and organic berries vs. Coles and Woollies frozen berries… but I have found it’s not quite the case….

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Here’s what you must know about stress!


There are a few important, and interesting, things to know about our body’s stress response. From the time we have a stressful event; a thought, a realization, a physical experience etc there is a 90 second adrenalin explosion happening in your body. This is that initial response, the one that makes us wide awake, and ready to pounce… you know the look – wide open eyes, your body freeze, your insides feel like they are running 100km/hour, your hairs are standing up yet your standing completely still… Ugh, just the thought of it made my heart race.

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